Thursday, July 03, 2008

Definitely thankful to God for life and health.

I had my ultrasound on Wed. As always, I become nervous when "extra" tests are needed, but because of my cancer history, it's necessary. It's good to be on top of things. Anyways, the test went well, but when the tech told me that she was going to show the doctor and she would be right back, I became anxious and begun crying to myself. I just kept thinking of my other ultrasound when it was "something bad". Anyways, I kept praying to God to help me be healthy. Today I received the call from the doctor and everything is fine. I will call on Monday for more details, but she said that it was fine so I can rest again and not worry so much. Thank you GOD!


Yamel said...

Praise God! Thanks for keeping us posted.

Lissette said...

Thank you! I feel very happy and very blessed. I also had my mammogram and that came out normal! Thank God!