Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I conquered a fear today(by God's grace).

So, I had an MRI today! I had always been so afraid of this "machine" and thought that I could not handle it. By God's grace, today, I conquered this fear and it feels good! I was able to be inside the tube from my waist up for about 45 minutes. I closed my eyes and counted and sang and listened to music although, at times, it was difficult because it makes very loud noises as it is scanning my brain. I have been having light headedness and because of my history, they wanted to be sure that I am ok. By what the doctors said, they think it's all stress and I hope that it is that, and not anything else.


Janeen said...

Congrats, Lissette. You are indeed a woman of faith! I'm glad they are optimistic.

Yamel said...

Hi Primita. Any news on the results? Light headedness is usually not a concern and related to blood pressure changes.

Love you..

Lissette said...

Hopefully by Monday I can call and find out. Thanks for your comment. Miss you all and have a great time!