Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Happy 4th birthday to our dear Adam!!

We want to wish Adam a very happy birthday today. God bless you and may you have lots of fun and health and blessings. WE love you LOTS!

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Anonymous said...

Querido Adam:

Happy Birthday, te queremos mucho,
Tio Luis y Tia Rosy

Lissette said...

Gracias tios. Adam tuvo un buen dia.

Yamel said...

Happy Birthday Adam!!

Lissette said...

thank you Primo! He was soo excited with his birthday! Now he says when it's his next one..we told him that he has to wait a whole year.

Daniel said...

If sweet can be defined it would have his picture in the definition.
I already said happy b-day to this little guy. I thinkg it's the only one I haven't missed.