Monday, January 16, 2006

An evening with my dear family

We were so excited to spend a little time with my Uncle Ruben and Uncle Luis and Aunt Rosi along with my parents and Abuelita. What a beautiful evening. Thank you for your visit!

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Anonymous said...

Sobrina tu no pierdes tiempo, la foto quedo muy buena. Gracias a Ruben y a tí en abrirnos las puertas a su casa y disfrutar de una maravilloso noche familiar.

Les queremos mucho,

Luis y Rosy

Lissette said...

Tia, fue un privilegio tenerlos aqui con nosotros. Dios les bendiga.

Yamel said...

Those are the good times to cherish forever. Thanks for the photo! Oh, and thanks for the photos you emailed me as well :)

Lissette said...

You are welcome my dear primo.