Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sabbath at the Munoz Residence

We spent the day with my sister Ivette and family at their house. We had a great time sharing the afternoon with Tios Rodriguez. Wow! What a treat to have you for two weekends in a row. It was also great to see Yami back from Andrews and Danny, it was great to see you too. Time with family is priceless!

Cousins Danny, Austin, Ian and Adam playing in the backyard at Ian's house

Beautiful Tia Linette and Handsome Tio Elvin


Jeslyn said...

Looks like fun! great to have you back Yami! and nice to see everyone again at church! Love all ya!!!!! Hope to see you guy's soon!!!

Lissette said...

It's always a blessing when anyone of the family is out of the state and they can return safely.

Elvin said...

Thanks for the invite Tejeda/Muñoz family! Lissette you're amazing...I'm so glad you got your digital camera now! :-)

It was great sharing the Sabbath with you all and seeing Yami safe and sound back from her trip.


Lissette said...

Thank you Tio. I just love spending time with my dear family. Yes, I LOVE my digital camera.

Yamel said...

Looks like another great family reunion! I am also glad for your digital camera :)

I meant to ask you before what camera you use, as I know you have a film camera. I thought you were scanning the film to digitize them, but this answers my question.

Lots of love!

Lissette said...

Thanks to Yami's idea and several contributions I was able to get the camera for my birthday. As you can see, I have been using it A LOT. Love you Yamel.