Sunday, July 31, 2005


Abuelita, a great woman of faith. She has taught me to be positive in every situation. Her energy and disposition amaze me. She loves her family with all her heart and loves her God with all her heart too.
I had been thinking of doing this because she too, has suffered so much this past year. We tend to put our emphasis on the sick person, in this case, Abuelo. I don't want to forget my dear Abuelita and all that she has done for her family. Having the honor to work with her side by side while Abuelito was at home, I was always amazed at her energy and disposition. Thank you Abuelita for giving us a great example and for your love for God and your family. I love you.

Dad and Abuelita.


Yamel said...

This is well deserved indeed. What a great photo!

Lissette said...

Thanks Yamel.

Faustino said...

Hija querida: gracias por tus palabras de aprecio y cariƱo a mi dulce madre.
Tu padre.

Lissette said...

De nada Ito. Es una bendicion para mi tener a mis dos abuelitos. Para mis hijos ha sido una bendicion porque tienen muchos Abus y Nanas. Love you.