Thursday, September 25, 2008

Smile power

Ok, so today has been pretty busy for me although right now, I am at home and quite content. I worked 4 hours. Then, picked up Austin from school to take him to the Dentist to take two baby teeth out. By the way, he did sooo well! I am so proud of him. Dentist's offices are not his favorite thing. Even the smell bothers him. I also found out at 7 a.m while at work, that Adam had not gone to school because he was coughing. Ruben was so kind and stayed home for a while to be able to take him to the doctor. It turns out that it's just a cold. No fever or redness of the throat, etc. So, I went to the Dentist with both boys and then we stopped at Walmart on our way home. I am trying to be good about gas and plan my trips a little better. Since I work in Corona, I can pass by Costco or Walmart on my way home and that way, I am saving gas. I have had to go to Corona twice today since both my job and the Dentist are there. Thankfully, I am home now and since it's so hot outside, I am glad to be in a cool atmosphere.

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