Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy 14th Anniversary to US!

Ruben and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage on Dec 20. I thank God for giving me a wonderful man that has loved me unconditionally from the very beginning. I am so blessed with my husband and boys! Thank you Babe for your love and for all that you do for our family. I love you forever!!

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Rosy said...

Queridos Ruben y LIchi, se ven una familia hermosa, que bueno es nuestro Dios que le ha permitido llegar a los 14 aniversarios. Mi ruego al Señor es que siempre los cuide y los guarde, que Dios les conceda pasar muchos años más gozando de su linda familia.

Siempre les quiere,
Tia Rosy

Rosy said...

Las fotos de Ivan y su familia están muy bonitas, el pequeñito se ve muy bonito. Lichi gracias por las fotos.

Lissette said...

Gracias Tia. De verdad es que es una bendicion grande tener una familia tan querida.
Que bueno que vistes la familia de Ivan. Yo te habia mandado un email, pero me cojistes la delantera.

Yamel said...

Happy Anniversary!! May God grant you continued growth and happiness. We love you all very much!

Lissette said...

Thank you Primito!

Jeslyn said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! :D

Leo said...

Ruben, this is your Best Man chiming in...

You may Kiss your bride.
Now do it again..
& again..
& again..
& again..
& again..

Now do it like you mean it!!
& again!

(this is the part where I'm shaking my index finger at you)
Don't ever stop!! If you do, I'll find you, I can Google-Earth you to track you where you are, & make you keep kissing your bride until long after your kids' kids' kids' kids' have kids of their own. So there!! in 3-D even!!!

Leo said...

Oh yeah, give the kids a big hug too!!

(in 3-D)