Sunday, June 18, 2006

Missing our Grandpa today!

On this, the first Father's Day without Grandpa, we want to thank God for all the years we had with him. He lived a long life of almost 88 years and we truly enjoyed him. We miss him dearly and it seems like it's unreal that he is gone, but we look forward to the day when he will rise from his grave and we can spend eternity with him in heaven! Let's all prepare for that day!

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melissa gonzalez said...

gracias lissette por recordara tantos Padres espero que todos la hallan pasado muy feliz melissa y familia.

Rosy said...

Lichi gracias por esas palabras de consuelo y por esa bonita foto que pusiste de papaito, en realidad hoy tuve un dia muy triste sin él, pero a la vez le agradezco a Dios por darmelo tanto años. Que linda esperanza tenemos, la misma que el tenía, pronto le veremos, para no separarnos jamas.