Sunday, April 09, 2006

A beautiful Sabbath Afternoon

We spent the afternoon at the new residence of the Munoz family. These flowers in the slopes are absolutely stunning!

Ivy and Ruben with the boys

My cute men

The boys enjoying the sunny afternoon

We went on a walk and it was so much fun. The scenery was beautfiul

Grandma relaxing with us.


Jorge said...

Hey, Ruben...nice pics. Leo and I are trying to plan a trip up there for a visit. Been a long time. :) Good to see the family growing.

Talk to you soon.

Ruben said...

Hi Jorge, Yes, its been a long time! Let me know when you plan to be around here.

Daniel said...

Cool flowers. This is why you guys don't hang out with us any more. You have your own family hill to climb. :-)

Lissette said...

you are not home enough....