Tuesday, February 14, 2006

To Danny and the family!!

We regret to announce that Danny's grandmother passed away on Monday. She was 95 years old. We offer our deepest sympathy. Losing our loved ones even when they have had a long life, is always difficult and so painful. God be with all of you!!


Yamel said...

Oh no. Danny and I were just talking about her when we were in California. I feel terrible and my sympathy is with him and his family.

Lissette said...

One thing that impressed me a lot was that she used to have an envelope with all the petitions inside of it. She would pray for all those people inside. She also would write to prisoners and at the service, one of her daughters, read a letter from an inmate that had learned about Jesus from her. How beautiful it is that even though she was 95 years old, she never forgot her Lord and was active with God's things until the end. Praise God!

Daniel said...

Lice, just to add to that... The prisoner now is being contacted by my mom. He is sound of mind and really regrets his past and wants a future in Gods house. My mom wrote to him in the last several months of my grandma's life cause grandma couldn't see well and write anymore and that is how my mom inherited this prison friendship. It was really neat to live near my crazy grandma for so long. I say crazy cause she was a very adventerous person at heart and had stories that you wouldn't believe. At 88 years of age she would hop out of my Dodge Ram truck and tell me not to help her. I can also swear she worked for the CIA or something. She new stuff about us that only God should only know. :-) Anyway, just a little more add-on.