Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today we are celebrating 13 years of marriage. I am very blessed to have Ruben as my husband. He has stood by me through thick and thin. Thank you Babe for your unconditional love. I am soo blessed. Have a wonderful day!
Also, today a year a go I started chemo. I am thankful to God for life and I am soo glad to be done with that process. Thank you Lord!

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Yamel said...
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Yamel said...

Congratulations Ruben and Lissette! It's amazing how time flies! I found these facts on your 13th anniversary:

The traditional symbol is Lace
The modern symbol is Fur
The gemstones or precious metals are Malachite, Citrine and Moonstone
The flower is Hollyhoch

God bless

Lissette said...

Thank you Primo. Yes, time flies! We are thankful for another year.
Love you.

Leo said...

As your official Best Man - YOU MAY KISS YOUR BRIDE!!! ;-)

Lissette said...

Thank you Leo. He listened to you!!!hehee

Liz' Blog said...

I will never forget the time when you two were getting together. You two are an inspiration. I am thankful to have you all in my life!

Lissette said...

Thank you Tati. Yes, I remember those old days. WE had fun together. Remember when we used to sing in choir and I would ask you if Ruben was looking at me??