Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I am clean!!!

Hello Everyone!
Wanted to let you know that I had my annual mammogram last week on Thursday and received my results on Saturday. I am clean of cancer! I am so thankful to God for life and health. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers during our most difficult time. God bless you all!


Leo said...

Congratualtions!! Live Long & Prosper!! (OK, so I ripped it off from Star Trek, but that's how we feel...)
God definitely answers prayer!!

Lissette said...

Thank you Leo. I love reading your comments because I get a smile on my face. God definitely does and I am thankful for that!

Yamel said...

Wow! That stuff really works! We're so happy and thankful, primita. Thanks for sharing and keeping us in the loop. God bless.

Lissette said...

You are more than welcome! I just have to tell everyone the good news specially since I know that many prayers were lifted on my behalf. Love you lots.