Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First day of 3rd Grade

Our Austin is already in 3rd grade. We are blessed to have Mrs Lewis as his teacher. She is wonderful and so sweet!! We wish Austin and all of his cousins at La Sierra Academy, Elynn, Natalyn, Justin, Danny, Anthony and Nathan, a wonderful year. God bless you all!

Austin's first day of school

Austin and Adam


Jeslyn said...

Have fun Austin! Mrs.Lewis is a very nice teacher. I had her when i was in 3rd grade. Have fun in school everybody!

Lissette said...

Yes, I remember that you had Mrs Lewis too. So long a go, huh?? Time flies. Love you

Yamel said...

Wow, growing up so quick! The boys look great! Have a great year at school.


Lissette said...

Thanks Primito. Love you tons.